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The GREAT Canadian LAUGH Off!

April 30, 2009

What an AWESOME week! And it’s ONLY Thursday!

I’ve had the privilege to be a part of “The GREAT Canadian Laugh Off” as a judge at Yuk Yuks – the Down Town location on Richmond Street. What talent! I can’t believe how hard it is to be a judge, the line up is so packed with such AMAZING talent! And you want funny? Man these Comedians knock it out of the park with humour! FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!

Check out the BLOG > It mentions me too 🙂 yeahhh

ALSO I got to LIFT Ben Mulroney! And I have to say he is one of the NICEST guys I have ever met! So down to earth! And so in love 🙂 He recently got married and is certainly on cloud nine in love lol So nice to see! I wish him ALL the VERY best! Such a great guy! Ok so wanna see the picture? Oh I know you do lol

LIFTing Ben Mulroney!

LIFTing Ben Mulroney!

I’ll be posting a NEW video within 5 days so stay TUNED but in the mean time… here’s one for you to see now 🙂

Kelly G!


Need to BREAK my record!

March 21, 2009

I LIFT people! I would like that Im an upLIFTing kind of gal… not just physically either!

I have LIFTed over 400 people and would REALLY love it if I could do a few things…

1. Break my record! My current record is LIFTing a man who was 290 pounds! So if yout reading this… and your 300 pounds… I’d LOVE to LIFT you 🙂 Here’s a picture of my record…


2. LIFT Ellen DeGeneres!

3. LIFT more “well known” people… yes… Celebrities will do just fine ha ha So far I’ve lifted Ricky Schroder, Orby Orbison, Larissa Harapin.

4. Get into Guinness Book of WORLD Records! As LIFTing the most people & photographing it!

5. Have my own talk show… ok so not really along the same theme as LIFTing… but that’s because LIFTing is not all I do! I love to do Improv and I’d love to try my hand at Stand up… would freakin LOVE to be in a Comedy Movie and or TV show… Tina Fey if your reading this… hollar back girl!

Kelly G!

Blogging? Really? I guess it’s come to that!

March 21, 2009

Guess I’ll take a stab at blogging… if I can post my videos and pictures on here… it will be ALL worth it!

Well I’ll be! It works!

I made that video to help me in my quest to LIFT Ellen DeGeneres… the unfortunate thing is… I never did complete that quest. Had so many INCREDIBLE people follow my adventures along with helping me by writing Ellen… it’s a real shame but it’s not “over”. I believe I will push to LIFT Ellen again… and now that she’s on Twitter and I have so many AWESOME Twitter friends… I might actually be able to do this…

For those wanting to know “why”. Like why do you want to LIFT Ellen? Well I admire her so much! I think she is HILARIOUS! I think it would make for a great photo opt and let’s face it… Lifting people is FUN! 

Ellen… if you’re reading this… come on girl.. let me LIFT you 🙂

If anyone else is reading this… what the heck… I’ll lift you too!

Kelly G!